Remind yourself, of you!

Everyone is having the time of their lives 😔
I see them excitedly drawing plans every other weekend and going on fun adventures 😒
I envy them when they drunkenly stare at each other with stars in their eyes 😒
I watch them fall in love and promise heaven on earth for the rest of their happily-ever-after 😒
Everyone, everyone but me 😖

Everyone is having the time of their lives 😐
I hear them in the corridors, gliding along in beautiful swishing dresses, off to their fairytale princes 😒
I know all about the multitude of substances they will abuse tonight; I never get the chance to, too 😒
I listen to their cries of agony as they splutter their insides all over the floor into a puddle of vomit 😒
Everyone, everyone but me ☹

Remind yourself, you do not have to do what everyone is doing or feel what they are feeling 🙂
Their experiences, their mistakes, theirs successes and their failures belong to them alone 🙃
There is only one you, and there is no one more youer than you 😍
Remind yourself, you are not everyone, you do not need everyone. ğŸ˜Ž
Remind yourself, of you! 😍😘


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