Welcome to Illyria!

I do not like the feeling of letting someone inside my head,

It springs to mind an image of an extra large bag like a laden with lead.


I do not know for sure why I was cajoled into starting this blog,

But if you do take these hesitant baby steps with me to clear this fog..


It is my sincere hope that we shall both be glad to find out! 🙂

Happy perusing!


PS: As you may already tell from the title, I am no good at coming up with those! 😀

PS 2: I will not overthink my posts to paralysis; weakness I have had in the past of freezing till I can’t share.

PS 3: Thanks Alice, Apollo, Robert, Xavier, David. Thank you! Thanks Olavie, Denitto, Moses, MK, Keiran, Lala, Mommy, Daddy! Thanks!

PS 4: I have posted a few of my pieces since the writing bug bit me.


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