In all the senses – Love

Akin to a mother’s gaze down at her newborn child,

I can feel your love pouring all over me and seeping into my soul.

Like the flutter of wings of a small lifeless on a winter night,

The memory of the times we have shared fills me with hope.



Analogous to the stance held by the elder sibling to protect his brother during a fight,

I can see your bravery standing up for me and shielding my fragility.

Just like a daily and vulnerable symphony to a lover lost at sea,

The beauty of the melody lies in both the notes and the pauses in between.



In the realms of the warmth of your voice when you talk to me. I hear you.

In the precious muted scent of the fresh air so remnant of you. I smell you.

In the saltiness of my tears of joy streaming down my face. I taste you.

I sense you in every way way. This love is a feeling that I choose everyday. ❤





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